We’re connecting millions of people to their favorite songs and creating a service that people use to communicate with music they love.

We’re searching for a music coordinator to join our team. You will be responsible for helping leading artists, labels and managers with campaign development and technical issues, tracking the impact of campaigns and other initiatives, and acquiring artists to EmoJam Studio - an online platform that allows artists to upload their own rich visual messaging elements.

You’re a Gen-Z or a Millennial, a music, tech, marketing and culture enthusiast with a wide knowledge and will demonstrate a real passion for content and online interactions. Above all, your work will impact the way the artists connect with fans on messaging apps.



  • Build and manage release schedule planning/prioritization based around upcoming launches for leading artists (platinum sellers to up-and-coming artists)

  • Help coordinating EmoJam campaigns for leading artists: assist content creators, artists, labels and managers as requested and monitor the correct development of new campaigns from concept to release and campaign results reporting

  • Work closely with digital music services (Tunecore, Spotify, UnitedMasters, etc.) to help them integrating EmoJam within their platform and convert their artits to EmoJam

  • Source and acquire top-notches artists to release content on EmoJam Studio

  • Support artists, managers, labels, digital music services with technical issues related to EmoJam Studio

  • Analyze and report the impact on implemented new content, campaigns and initiatives

  • Build competitive intelligence reports: what do artists want, how do we improve our internal process and EmoJam Studio in a way that we become their ultimate marketing solution on daily basis…

  • Be autonomous. You’ll take full ownership your work, and you take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way



  • You are a Gen-Z or a Millennial, having worked at consumer-focused lifestyle, media company or at a digital music service, record label or distributor is preferred

  • You are service-oriented, you have professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills

  • You’re able to demonstrate a deep understanding of – and experience with – social media, messaging and music platforms as a user and fan

  • You are able to lean on a good reputation and a network within the music industry

  • You care about attention to detail and organization, have a team spirit, strong work ethic, and a friendly, warm attitude

  • You are well organized with the ability to plan and deliver on tight deadlines

  • You have a story that demonstrates a real passion for music that you can tell us about!

  • You can work from home, LA-based preferred

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