We’re searching for an art director - graphic designer/storyteller to join our EmoJam team. Storytelling through compelling and immersive designs and branding is central in EmoJam: we believe that visuals that add value to your life is the secret marketing weapon. With a multi-disciplinary team, you will be setting a strong brand identity, and global designs for how we package content (music, videos - rich visual messaging elements) in products and on social media. 

Someone who is passionate about visual messaging, digital conversations, culture, lifestyle, music, Gen-Z, and Millennials, and has the mastery of their craft to turn anything into beautifully, compelling and immersive designed communication materials. Together, we’ll look holistically at how to create a lifestyle brand, making Gen-Z and Millenials love the brand and want to use it on a daily basis while attracting artists and brands to choose EmoJam as their go-to innovative and effective marketing solution.

You’ll lead our visual voice and be tasked with reinvent our branding and create communication materials that present the EmoJam brand for messaging users, artists and partners.



  • You will set the vision for the EmoJam brand in a way that is aligned with our values (fun, expressive and immersive, culture and trendsetters, global and diverse, inclusive, and convenient) and talks to our key stakeholders: messaging users (Gen-Z and Millennials focus), artists, content creators, and partners (messaging apps, digital music players like Spotify)

  • You will create the space for others to collaborate on UX & Design and Product. Together you will create and build beautiful and intuitive solutions and products that reflect our brand and package content (EmoJam packs and curated chatlists) across our products (apps, platforms, EmoJam Studio, website)

  • You will create EmoJam brand kit for partners to use and integrate our brand within their platforms

  • You will team up with artists, curators, and content creators to create compelling and immersive storytelling promo materials (images, videos, etc) that inspire millions of messaging users. Artists and partners will use your promo content to spread the word out through social media and relevant outlets.

  • You will assist the executive team in creating communication materials, presentations and pitches for business development purposes and company representations

  • Be autonomous. You’ll take full ownership your work, and you take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way

  • Rapidly produce multiple advertising concepts and prototypes



  • You have experience working on brand identity, design and advertising

  • Previous experience at Millennials consumer-focused lifestyle, music, or media companies is a plus

  • You are an amazing storyteller and designer with a strong attention to detail and design chops. You understand what it takes to create awesome, consumer-oriented brands, ads, and experiences

  • You’re a great communicator: you have the communication skills to make a room laugh, attract anyone’s attention within 3 seconds, and brainstorm initial ad and design concepts

  • You get nervous if you’re not making the culture

  • You have a passion for music, lifestyle, and culture and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what’s possible in branding, design and advertising

  • You have an online portfolio or PDF that you can share with us

  • You are able to provide a brief explanation in your application of why you are excellent for this role while highlighting your portfolio

  • We have a similar position opened as a product designer. Please check it and let us know if it’s in your cord

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