At EmoJam, we’re focused on soundtracking your digital conversations, providing the right visual and the right music for every moment. We’re connecting millions of people to their favorite songs and creating a service that people use to communicate with music they love.

We’re searching for a content culture editor to join our team. You will be responsible for the development and promotion of culturally relevant chatlists that curate punchlines that everyone needs to make their conversations better than ever. You will play a key role in curating the chat experience at EmoJam. You’re a Gen-Z or a Millennial, a music, art and culture enthusiast with a wide music, art and culture knowledge and will demonstrate a real passion for online interactions. Above all, your work will impact the way the world communicates through visual and music.



  • Play a critical role in defining and executing EmoJam‘s content programming strategy 

  • Build and manage a content calendar based on editorial themes and cultural moments

  • Work closely with content creators and designers to proactively develop new content experiences and chatlists featuring a large number of different genres, emotions, greetings, themes, and events

  • Coordinate with music, designer, and content creator teams to progress towards various content objectives in terms of chatlists and EmoJam campaigns for leading artists

  • Drive cultural touch points to drive EmoJam users back to our platform; pulse on the culture and deep understanding of how to use content to drive engagement

  • Source and acquire top-notches visual artists for leading artists and brands as well as for EmoJam Studio - a platform that allows artists to upload their own rich visual messaging elements or book a content creator

  • Present competitive intelligence reports within our team: what do Gen-Z and Millennials want, what are they talking about, how do we enhance our programming and storytelling to become the ultimate communication tool on daily basis…

  • Be autonomous. You’ll take full ownership your work, and you take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way



  • You have previous experiences in programming content for media networks, where connecting and serving audiences with music and art has been an integral part of your job and missions

  • You are a Gen-Z or a Millennial, having worked at consumer-focused lifestyle, music, studio or media companies is a plus

  • You have expert knowledge of historical and contemporary music and visual art and the culture around it

  • You’re a great communicator: you have the communication skills to make a room laugh and attract anyone’s attention within 3 seconds

  • You have a great eye for quality content and talent: you are the first person your friend call when they want to know what’s cool

  • You’re able to demonstrate a deep understanding of – and experience with – visual messaging platforms as a user and fan

  • You get nervous if you’re not making the culture

  • You have a passion for content, visual art, music, lifestyle and culture and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what’s possible in programming

  • You are able to lean on a good reputation and a strong network within the creative and music industry

  • You care about attention to detail and organization, have a team spirit, a strong work ethic, and a friendly, warm attitude

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