EmoJam Samples

EmoJam Samples created by Todd Francis


The psychology behind stickers 

Stickers are an important visual digital language fully capable of communicating a nuanced range of thoughts.
The best stickers go beyond phrases (“I’m hungry”) to depicting full moments of reactions: by showing characters in a relatable scene, or engaged in an everyday act, stickers provide more variables than a simple emoji. 
The most effective stickers capture or exaggerate the feelings of the sender – they are meant to replace text and add social distinction. 


Recommended Stickers

  • Stickers that reflects the meaning of the music snippet. Music snippet is less than 10 seconds.

  • Stickers that are easy to use in daily conversation and communication.

  • Stickers that consist of easily understandable expressions, messages, and illustrations.

  • TIPS: the best stickers are the ones that can completely replace a sentence.


Non-Recommended Stickers:

  • Stickers that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.

  • Stickers that have poor visibility, such as pictures that are too long or full-length illustrations of tall characters.

  • Stickers that significantly lack balance, such as all-pale colored stickers or rows of numbers.




  • Make sure the PNG files fit the designated dimensions: 618x618.

  • Please consider the balance of the stickers when creating your designs.

  • All sizes are in pixels.

  • Ensure that the size of your GIF is less than 140KB.


  • Please make sure that your files are in RGB color space.

  • Backgrounds for graphics must be transparent.


  • Animation that goes along with the music performs better.

  • PNG frame limits per GIF: 8 frames.

  • Playback time: 4 seconds.

  • Loops: 1–4 loops per sticker whose combined length does not exceed 4 seconds.

  • All images must be submitted in GIF format.


GIF file creation

Step 1: Trim margins

Make graphics within the maximum animated sticker image dimensions: 618x618. 

Step 2: Arrange frame order 

  • When creating stickers, please keep in mind that the first image of the GIF will be displayed as a static image on EmoJam.

  • Select one frame that best expresses the feeling you want to convey with your sticker and set it as the first image.

Step 3: Adjust file size 

  • Compress the size of your PNG files if needed.

  • Your final GIF file should be no larger than 140 KB.

Step 4: Create your GIF 

  • The shorter the length of the loop, the faster your animation will play.

  • Animation can include one or more loops as long as your final GIF is 4 seconds long or under.

  • Set maximum playback time to 4 seconds or less.

  • Once you’re done, save your data as a GIF file.

Step 5: Check your GIF file 

  • Check to see if your GIF file is functioning correctly using Firefox.

  • If so, your animated sticker is now complete!

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